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We Left Key Allegro Marina on course for fuel top off in Port Aransas

Leaving Key Allegro as family members and the Richey (owner) wave.

Filling the barrel at Fisherman's Wharf.

Just after we lost the Blue Marlin, 1st day.

06:55 the 3rd morning.

07:45 the 3rd morning Bret Starts diet, admits he as a problem "The 1st Step"

12:19 the 4th day riding a norther into Isla.

12:54 the 4th day approaching  the Light house at Contoy.

13:45 the 4th day entering the marina at Isla Mujeres, Mexico.



Topping off fuel and filling Barrels in Port Aransas



Left Port Aransas on course for Isla Mujeres burning 4.9 GPH with roughly 800 gals. on board.



Danny Took the first watch.  4 miles from the Port Aransas jetties. Very rough



Bret took the 2nd watch, still very rough.



Scott took the 3rd watch, still very rough.



Put a Rod out with a Texas Turd on t over the Dumping grounds off Port Aransas, in 60 seconds we had a small Blue Marlin take.  Lost the fish a few minutes later when a Wahoo cut the leader.



Danny took the 4th watch, still rough.



Bret took the 5th watch, still rough.

2 01:20

Scott took the 6th watch, still rough.

2 04:30

Danny took the 7th watch, rough.  139 NM from Port Aransas,  779 NM to go.

2 07:00

Bret took on the 8th watch of the trip.

2 10:00

Scott took the 9th watch, the water settling down now.

2 13:45

Danny took on the 10th watch, seas are nice and getting nicer. 198 NM from Port Aransas, 518 NM remaining.

2 14:45

Bumped the speed up to 18 knots burning just under 30 GPH.



Back down to 8 knots.

2 16:00

Bret takes on the 11th watch. The weather is very nice, seas 2'.

2 19:00

Scott takes on the 12th watch. Seas 1'.

2 22:00

Danny takes on the 13th watch. Seas 1', hardly a ripple on the water.

3 01:00

Bret takes on the 14th watch. Seas 1', nice!

3 04:00

Scott take over 15th watch. Great Weather. 289 NM from Port Aransas, 431 NM to  go.

3 07:30

Danny takes on 16th watch.

3 07:45

We transferred approximately 250 gals from the fuel barrels into the main tank. We have burned approximately 390 gals of fuel.



Found water leak in a galley storage compartment, cleaned it up.  The leak came from a stopped drain hose on an A/C.



Underway with Danny and Bret at  the wheel.

3 13:00

Scott at the wheel, great weather! 502 from Port Aransas

3 16:00

Danny  Cooking Pork Chops, good stuff!

3 16:20

Bret locks himself the shower, found him 10 minutes later sweating and yelling for help.  I couldn't fid him because I was not able to see through the fogged up shower door.  True Story!

3 16:45

Danny at the helm!  Full stomach.

3 19:00

Bret at the wheel.  Beautiful weather.

3 22:00

Scott at the controls. 562 from port Aransas, 158 NM from Isla Mujeres, Mexico.

3 22:30

dolphin came up to play at  the side of the boat.

4 01:30

Danny came on  shift. Great weather!

4 04:00

Bret took over the shift.  Still beautiful weather.

4 05:50

Bret had a problem with the Autopilot. We went through the Caribbean current and  wouldn't stay on track.

4 06:00

Storm coming, the frontal line from the norther. Parlay to discuss fuel situation.

4 06:15

We picked up speed to 1950, 605  NM from Port Aransas and 115 NM from Isla Mujeres.

4 07:00

Started fuel transfer from front tank to the main fuel tank.

4 07:10

Fuel  sending units  not functioning properly.

4 07:50

Transfer  complete. 102 NM from Isla Mujeres.

4 08:00

Seas have built quickly to 6',  north wind.

4 08:30

Seas have built quickly to 6'  to 8',  north wind.

4 09:00

Checking  fuel every 30 minutes.



Arriving at the marina in Isla Mujeres, Mexico.

         Rigging baits                          Salon                                 Doorway                     El Bano                      Crew