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Support Letter For The Texas Great Barrier Reef (TGBR)



Enclosed is a support letter for the Texas Great Barrier Reef (TGBR).

Please take a couple of minutes to print it out, fill it out, and fax to the US Army Corps of Engineers (fax # is at the top of the letter). The permit for the TGBR is in the Public Comments phase at the COE - they are accepting comments until March 28th. Do it now!

The Texas Great Barrier Reef will transform offshore fishing as we know it; go to www.TexasGreatBarrierReef.com for more info.

Thanks in advance.

Tom Hilton


713 530-2267



John Machol
Regulatory Branch, CESWG-PE-RB
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
P.O. Box 1229
Galveston, Texas, 77553-1229
409 766-6301 fax

RE: Permit Application Number: SWG-2006-2523

Dear Mr. Machol;

As a recreational angler I am in full support of the work description and objectives of the Texas Great Barrier Reef Project (TGBRP) outlined in permit number SWG-2006-2523. After reviewing the application, I believe the benefits of the artificial reef protect submitted by Texas Gulf Coast Stewards will produce numerous positive benefits for the Gulf of Mexico.

Properly placed and managed artificial reefs programs have proven to be extremely beneficial to indigenous marine resources. They have been shown to enhance spawning, nursery, refuge, and feeding areas among other important aspects of essential fish habitat as defined in the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act. Currently, several finfish species in Texas waters have lost important habitat through the loss of gas and oil rigs and are in a depressed state of abundance. This project will mitigate this loss of essential fish habitat and likely ensure the maintenance of no less than 6 species at sustainable levels.

The importance of this project can not be overstated. With increased stress on our marine resources from numerous sources, recreational opportunities can sharply decline and cause a negative impact on the local, state, and regional economies as well as the traditional recreational fishing communities. The TGBRP, if approved, will increase overall productivity in the region and spur the economic health of recreational fishing industry. I firmly believe this project is a long-term commitment to the sustainability of marine resources of the Gulf of Mexico and fully support its undertaking.

Respectfully submitted,


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