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The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) is about to make yet another move against the Recreational Fisherman!


The NMFS is lead by life long politicians and government advisors (credentials) who have created impractical policies that obviously lean toward protecting the commercial fisherman such as the Pelagic longline fleet and take away from the Rod & Reel Fisherman and the Biomass of the species they have been commissioned to protect!  Lobbyist from Commercial fishing and extreme conservation organizations (so called Tree Huggers) have funneled millions of dollars toward their cause and this has lead to the policies that favor those interest groups even though they are less than 10% of the fisheries user group!  We NEED to make a stand NOW, so Please email the following contacts and let them know they won't get away with their biased approach to regulations and that we will not let them deplete our Fisheries due to their weak stance with the small kill all commercial fishing industry!


*NEW Regulations for Recreational Fisherman ONLY:

NMFS is planning to place a 250 fish limit on Killed Blue Marlin.

NMFS is planning to place Zero kill on White Marlin.

NMFS is planning to make circle hooks mandatory for any type of bait fishing (this will almost eliminate the by-catch we need like Wahoo, Mahi ands Tuna).

NMFS has stated that recreational anglers are responsible for 2% of Billfish mortality.

NMFS has stated that commercial fisherman are responsible for 98% of Billfish mortality.

NMFS has no further regulations to place on the commercial depletion of our resource and hasn't since 1998.

NMFS stated that recreational anglers, including tournaments killed 1,200 Billfish last year in the entire Atlantic.

Note: Without a few big fish at the dock the tournament spectacle does not draw near the crowd or competition, this in turn will hurt the Yacht, Charter, Tourist and Marina industries just to name a few!


Please send emails to the following email address: (Just Click on it) sf1.060303d@noaa.gov


(cut and paste the statement below if you wish to save time!)


I'm a recreational fisherman:

I will not stand for the over regulation of recreational fishing!

I will not stand for commercial Pelagic Longline and other non-rod & reel fishing techniques that desecrate our environment!

I will not stand for the internal baffling of issues due to the bureaucratic nature of your political agency!

I will not stand for NMFS appointed officials, they should be voted into office!



I will be adding more about the future regulation of recreational fishing and the deregulation/weak policies of the 215 commercial fishing vessels that by NMFS statistics are killing 98% of the Billfish (not to mention other by-catch)!  Oh yea, guess who owns those vessels, POLITICIANS!


Read this from back in 1999...very informative!

More important information from Ocean City!


Kill Chart for Commercial Fishing!