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Gift Certificate Winners from the Seminars!


*Email me to claim your prize in 14 days or there will be a redraw!

* They are Transferable too!


Ross Woodlaw


Mike from Brenham

San Antonio

Lance Coleman

Drawing and Thanks!


Sorry it took awhile for us to get back with y’all, I had to get home to finish up some electronic upgrades on one of the boats and fishing trips in!  I wanted to thank all of you who attended and let you know what a great crowd you were!  Dr. Roffer and I really had a good time coming to your neck of the woods to talk fishing!  If you left with even one little thing you could use well then I think it was worth it, I believe that one little thing every once in a while will make a difference in the long run!  We never stop learning as recreational fisherman and guides/captains alike, remember to adapt to the water you’re fishing because it very seldom adapts to you!  We look forward to seeing y’all in the future and it was a pleasure serving our fishing community! 



Please give us feed back on what we could do next year to provide a better evening for you!  Some ideas are to have it in the restaurants at Bass Pro for dinner and drinks, a presentation at Cabela's in Buda, a pre-seminar shopping spree, coupons for your next visit, a combined seminar instead of two separate ones where it applies.


ROFFS:  I enjoyed my travel through Texas meeting many experienced, enlightened, and excited anglers. The trip confirmed that there are still many Texans who could benefit from using the ROFFS services. There is a science to finding concentrations of feeding fish and we are always available to help people go straight to the fish. Every fishing trip is important to have the most comprehensive information at hand from as many sources as possible which will increase your odds of having that dream fishing trip.  - Safe and Successful Fishing, Mitchell A. Roffer


FISHNTEXAS.COM Gift Certificate Winners!


Pearland Bass Pro – 26 in attendance

Ross Woodlaw


Katy Bass Pro – 38 in attendance

Mike from Brenham


San Antonio Bass Pro – 36 in attendance

Lance Coleman





fishntexas.com Bay and Offshore Fishing Trips with the Saltwater Cowboy!




The Seminars are on!




They are scheduled for the following dates:



6:30 PM Monday February 23, 2008 at the San Antonio, TX Bass Pro Shops



6:30 PM Wednesday February 25, 2008 at the Katy, TX Bass Pro Shops



6:30 PM Thursday February 26, 2008 at the Pearland, TX Bass Pro Shops





ROFFS (Roffer's Offshore Fishing Forecasting Service) and FISNTEXAS.COM are looking into the possibility for a Big Game Fishing Night of FREE seminars with a ROFFS scientific view and FISHNTEXAS tactical view at the Bass Pro Shops in the San Antonio and Houston areas.  Especially with high fuel prices you can use every edge you can get whether fishing a tournament or bringing meat to the table! Please send me an email if you would be interested in attending; the Bass Pro Shops aren't certain they will have a good turn out!  I know they will and that they under estimate their offshore client potential!

Capt. Scott McCune


ROFFS™ Record Setters


We were able to fulfill 91% of all requests for analyses this year (2007). This was accomplished, in part, to our use of as many ocean sensing satellites as possible including all the functioning NOAA infrared satellite data (NOAA_12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, and Metop-A), as well as, the NASA Terra and Aqua (MODIS) satellites (infrared and ocean color-chlorophyll + dissolved colored organic matters). Our clients continue to tell us that we are right 85% of the time for tuna, billfish, shark, king mackerel, dolphin, Wahoo, squid, sardine, anchovy, pilchard, and a variety of other fish. Our excellent reputation is based on successes with sport and commercial fishing off the U.S. coasts and overseas.

During the 2007 fishing season, our clients (you) won 340 different categories in 110 major tournaments (reported to us) while using our analyses. We are sure that there are still additional prize winning efforts that have yet to be reported to us. Over the last 16 years the total numbers of reported winners tallies at 3805 with fourteen state records and five world records! Check out our winner's list to see a listing of our tournament winners from the past year.

Fourteen state records and five world records have been set by our clients when using our analyses:

ROFFS™ World Record Setters
2007 WORLD RECORD SETTERS IGFA Junior Female Swordfish World Record (155.0 lbs.) was set by Ashley Spalding & Captain Ralph Turner (Baitwasher). 2006 WORLD RECORD SETTERS IGFA Red Grouper Junior World Record (12.86 lbs.) was set by our clients Jacob Roberson & Jim Roberson (Long Run).
2006 WORLD RECORD SETTERS IGFA Dolphin Small Fry World Record (45.0 lbs.) was set by our clients Estee Combs & Brett Combs (Producer). 2005 WORLD RECORD SETTERS IGFA junior world record wahoo (95.3 lbs.) Captain Scott Kettenring & Candace Knowles (Blue Heron).
2003 WORLD RECORD SETTERS World Record was set by Nick Smith along with Captain Erik Lorentzen by releasing 23 sailfish in one day using IGFA-regulation fly tackle off Guatemala.  
ROFFS™ State Record Setters
2005 STATE RECORD SETTERS Alabama state swordfish record (350.8 lbs.) Captain Ron Frick & Darren Frick (Sea Paver). 2005 STATE RECORD SETTERS New Jersey state tilefish record (55 lbs.) Gary Caputi (Ugly Mug).
2004 STATE RECORD SETTERS Georgia state blackfin tuna record (36 lbs.) Captain Frank Boyd & John Willoughby Jr. (Lonesome Dove III). 2005 STATE RECORD SETTERS South Carolina women's state blue marlin record (536.5 lbs.) Captain Charles Moore III & Linda Foster (Chicora).
Massachusetts state Wahoo record (84 lbs.) Damon Sacco (Castafari).
2003 STATE RECORD SETTERS New Alabama state swordfish (225 lbs.) record by Captain Ron Frick (Sea Paver).
Maryland state record thresher shark (585 lbs.) Fred Ames (Yankee Babe).
Georgia state wahoo record (123 lbs.) James Clifton (Cold Duck).
Georgia State Wahoo Record (101 lbs.)
Barnard Portman (Madam P.)
1997 STATE RECORD SETTERSMississippi State Blue Marlin Record (917 lbs.) Bubby Reuther (Miss Orleans)
1997 STATE RECORD SETTERS New Jersey State Thresher Shark Record (587.5 lbs.) Stephen Rhodes Jr. (Legacy) 1997 STATE RECORD SETTERS New Jersey State Spearfish Record (42 lbs. tie) Joe Natoli (Janice)
South Carolina State Blue Marlin Record (752 lbs.)
Ken Cannon & Capt. Johnson (Risky Business)
New Jersey State Mako Shark Record (856 lbs.)
Bennett Muldoon (Ginnie Says)


Other honors and accomplishments by our clients include:

  • Southern Kingfish Association (SKA) 2006 Yamaha Pro Tour Junior Angler of the Year - Jake Smith (Comfortably Numb)
  • Southern Kingfish Association (SKA) Overall Champion 1999, 1995 and 1994 David Workman (C & H Lures).
  • Captain's Conservation Award to Bob Eakes (Bull Frog) from The Billfish Foundation, for tagging and releasing tuna and billfish in 1996.
  • Southern Kingfish Association (SKA) National Champion 1995 Randy Keys (Keys Contender).
  • International AFTCO Tag/Flag Trophy to George Kazdin (Patsy K.) for "the most albacore tuna tagged in the world during 1993".